I join with clients and environments in their world. I live through what they are going through as my own. I’ve lived hundreds of lives that are not my own.

As a Life Coach my approach is Cognitive Behavioral. I teach philosophy and behavioral/verbal tools and techniques. My style is interactive.

In assessing the symptoms or concerns presented at the beginning of therapy, the family system is considered to be a significant influence on the adjustment of the individual. Therapy frequently involves exploration of the client’s perception of themselves within the family group and may include sessions with other family members.

I often begin therapy with an idea-oriented, problem solving approach, shifting to more in-depth exploration of the past and present emotional experience if appropriate.

The course of treatment is defined mutually by the therapist and the client. As such, it may involve one or two sessions, or ongoing meetings. Clients maintain the right to end therapy at their discretion. It is the responsibility of the client to determine whether services are appropriate and ultimately helpful. To this end, clients may feel free to ask questions regarding my educational and professional background, therapeutic approach, and their specific treatment plan and progress.

I have a 95% success rate with clients who stay with me for 10 sessions or more. They feel understood and feel helped, regardless of whether all of their concerns have been resolved. When clients leave treatment they feel better than they did when they began.

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