The Church

There is a church that I pass about 4 days a week on my way to work.  They have a changeable billboard on which they put short words of wisdom.  They keep these up for about 3 weeks.  It has one part of the ‘saying’ on one side and the second half of the ‘saying’ on the other side.   So for 3 weeks I passed this sign. On one side it read, ‘Beautiful Mosaics are made’, and on the other side it read, ‘Out of Broken Pieces’.  So for the rest of my drive I would think about that phrase.  I thought about it from a religious perspective, a psychological perspective, as well as from philosophical points of view (of which there are many to choose from).  You may want to ponder on this also.

I came to a different awareness of wholeness. There is a similar analogy common to many;  ‘The Whole is More than the Sum of its Pieces’.  I think therapy involves putting broken pieces together to create something better than before and clients can feel better about themselves.

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